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Let our renovations inspire you and others around you. Whether you need minor changes or major renovation for your homes in Strathfield, our specialized renovators can help you achieve your purpose. Home renovations from JE architects provide outstanding home renovation, remodeling and extensions to make your homes highly functional and practical. If you have ideas conceived in your mind, you can discuss with our talented renovators to customize your houses. From homes, tiny as well as large apartments, to the residential community of Strathfield Sydney, we have worked with different clients to create lovely homes.

Proficient Kitchen Renovations Strathfield

Are you planning to renovate kitchens and bathrooms in Strathfield? We offer practical and accessible kitchens that are elegant, cheap and budget-friendly. Renovating your kitchen will require a team of renovators to assess the layout, design the plan, source the best materials, and install the cabinetry to best suit your needs. From traditional kitchens to contemporary kitchens, we ensure to remodel your kitchens to look fantastic. Kitchen remodeling is one of the great ways to inculcate luxury materials by concealing the outlets, providing smart fittings, robust cooktops and splashbacks, and customized dining area.

Effective Bathroom Renovations Strathfield Sydney

Bathroom renovations from our dedicated professionals can be a magnificent addition to your homes. You can also combine bathroom and laundry renovation with the right design to create a classic space. Renovating a bathroom means introducing the space-saving designs to increase functionality and enhance the beauty of your homes. Customized laundry designs can remove the chaos of your daily laundry and spells luxury into your interior spaces.

In terms of trends, we install walk-in showers, wall-mounted toilets, coordinating tapware, bathroom vanity, bathtubs, and laundry cabinets to suit your style. If you want to keep your costs low, we recommend you not to choose replumbing and reflooring of your bathroom.

Addition & Extension Specialists Strathfield NSW

Home extensions to up-size your homes can be a long process. If you want to add value or create additional space for your growing family, we will do it. Extending the terrace of the house by creating additional rooms and spaces can make it more practical to use when you have unexpected guests at your home. First floor additions and extension of the front house can also make your house look big and beautiful.

For modular home extensions, small Bathroom and kitchen Renovations, or small home extensions in Strathfield, talk to our expert renovators

Laundry Renovations Strathfield

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The services we do are listed below,

  • Apartment Kitchen Renovation
  • Apartment Renovation Companies
  • Apartment Renovation
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Budget Laundry Renovations
  • Cheap Laundry Renovations
  • Federation House Renovations
  • Home Additions Strathfield
  • Home Extensions Strathfield
  • Home Renovation Strathfield
  • Home Renovations Strathfield
  • House Additions Strathfield
  • House Renovations Strathfield
  • Interior Renovation Strathfield
  • Kitchen and Laundry Renovations
  • Kitchen Renovations Strathfield
  • Laundry Renovations
  • Modern Home Extensions
  • Modular Home Extensions
  • Small Apartment Renovation
  • Small Apartment Renovations
  • Small Bathroom Renovations
  • Small Home Extensions
  • Small Home Renovations
  • Small Kitchen Renovations
  • Small Laundry Renovations
  • Small Renovations Strathfield
  • Small Terrace Renovation
  • Sydney Renovators Strathfield
  • Terrace House Renovations

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